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A Sri Lanka Bride

A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride A Sri Lanka Bride


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A B/G family in Australia seeking bride for son graduate Computer Professional 28 yrs. 5'10" good-looking excellent character non-malefic horoscope. Email:

Australia dual citizen well employed 36 yrs. fair handsome Govi Buddhist now in Sri Lanka. Kethi Nekatha. 011-2834354.

Academically qualified G/C affluent parents seek a pretty well to do bride here or abroad for their son a professional graduated in US and holds an MBA, at present involved in international business. 33 years 6ft tall and a sound financial background. Reply with phone numbers. Email:

A Sinhala Buddhist professional parents seek an educated well mannered attractive daughter for their very handsome studies in Switzerland, director of two foreign companies son 33 years 6 ft. Reply with family details horoscope telephone contacts Email:

BG brother seeks a kind-hearted partner for 37 years 5'6" pleasant good-looking qualified in accountancy & finance senior manager of a large company divorced with a child (girl) innocent party partners who are kind pleasant smart are welcome single or divorced (with or without children) also considered. PR holders of NZ USA Australia Canada or similar countries also considered. Email:

Buddhist handsome son educated in a leading Colombo school LLB honours (UK) Attorney-at-Law currently employed in a legal firm, partly completed LLM UK and CIMA. He is 34 years height 5'9" non-smoker owns residential property with income from other properties. Vishwakula parents seek a suitable partner. Email

Catholic Salagama parents from Sweden seek a suitable partner for their only son, 27 fair, 5’9” tall, handsome, Master of Science in Computer Science (Sweden well mannered with sober habits and currently working in a reputed multinational company in Sweden as a Team Leader Systems Engineer. We will be in Sri Lanka until 28th of August for vacation. We are looking for a fair, slim, pretty, and kind hearted partner who is willing to migrate to Sweden. Please reply with family details to Email

Catholic Sinhala  parents are looking for an educated, fair beautiful, and slim, daughter 22 years or below from Australia or Sri Lanka with exposure to Western culture for their fair, handsome 25 years and 5'9" tall elder son who is an Engineer employed in Melbourne and willing to live in Australia. Please reply by Email only.; Email:

Colombo suburbs Bodu Govi respectable parents father a professional seek educated pretty kind-hearted daughter for elder son 27, 5'7" fair handsome B.Sc. Engineer with sober habits, employed in USA. Please reply with horoscope. Email -

Educated, pretty, fair bride with Sri Lankan values sought for graduate son 26 years, Roman Catholic Burgher, tall, slim non smoker and teetotaller, well employed at a leading financial institution in Australia. Please also provide family details, Email:

Govi Buddhist / Catholic respectable mother / self from Gampaha district seek very pretty fair kind educated unblemished daughter below 30 years for only son 35 years 5'8" handsome well mannered teetotaller non-smoker BSc (Hon.) MSc (Comp) CIMA (finalist) Consultant in Software Engineering owns upstair house new car inherited substantial assets. Willing to reside abroad. Religion immaterial. Reply family information. Prefer similar status non-malefic horoscope. Email:

Govi Buddhist father Lawyer seeks an academically professionally qualified, slim, fair, attractive bride below 30 years for Engineer son 34 years 5'11" height working in Australia, PR holder. Call after 7 p.m. or write Tel. 035-2222587, email:

GB Kandyan well established parents residing in USA seek pretty fair educated or University student preferably from US or willing to relocate leading to a later marriage, for 6’ slim, 24 well-mannered handsome son brought up in USA Electrical Engineer working for US Government. Reply with horoscope family details

G/B Professional parents seek academically professionally qualified partner for specialist doctor son 33 years, 5 feet 11 inches should be willing to migrate to Australia. Contact email

G/B parents (both senior public officers) from Colombo suburbs seek for their son, 28 years, 5'5", non-smoker, teetotaller, Software Engineer son with post graduate qualifications (MSc), currently working in Colombo and awaiting Australian PR, a pretty educated daughter. Contact with full details and horoscope. E-mail

Kiribathgoda Buddhist Deva Govi parents seek to have a pretty kind-hearted educated daughter below 31 years brought-up in a respectable family for their NS TT BSc MSc qualified smart son of 34 years 5'6". He is an Engineer and at present reading for his PhD at Perth in Australia. Reply with a copy of horoscope. Tel: 0112910067. Email -

Karawa Catholic wealthy business parents from Colombo seek pleasant compatible daughter for their elder son 29, 5'2" graduated from Australian University. He is a director of group of companies with a handsome income & will inherit assets over 200 million. Please give all details in first letter. Confidentiality strictly assured. Email:

Moor parents seek for their Biomedical / Law degree religious minded son of high calibre 24 years. Citizen abroad suitable religious educated girl with Islamic qualities willing to settle overseas. Please send full details. Email:

Moor Muslim groom 27 years old, working as a Manager in the travel & tourism trade, currently earning 60,000/= monthly (family medical covered) & also gets a monthly income of 30,000/= out of family business. International School educated & holds a British Degree 6'1" tall, well built & medium complexion kind natured practising Muslim, honest, teetotaller & genuine seeking for a suitable honest, faithful Muslim partner with a similar background & nature. Well educated (working girls & school Teachers preferred) with assets, fair complexion & a very good family background & below 27 years. Confidence assured considered genuine replies only. Please reply with full details.

Respectable affluent G/B parents from Colombo seek an educated pretty, slim daughter for their son 32 years 5’9” Chartered Accountant with CIMA, LLB, MBA migrated to Australia recently and well employed with substantial assets here and in Australia. Please reply with family details and horoscope. Confidentiality assured. OB-1219, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo.

Retired G/B well connected parents near Colombo seek a bride for son 30 plus 5'8" academically qualified Software Engineer / Analyst lucrative pay modern upstair house car.

Sinhala Buddhist parents seek University student or academically / professionally qualified partner living abroad or willing to migrate for 26, 5'7" tall Electrical Engineer son. Email -